Argentina, 1.5kWp Residential Solar

The diadem commercial solar battery storage system is an energy storage cabinet with low-voltage 48V 200Ah LiFePo4 Rack battery modules (51.2V actual), a dynamic and scalable LFP energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications, which can be connected in parallel with up to 10 identical battery modules with capacities from 30kWh - 100 kWh can be connected in parallel for peaking, load shifting, emergency backup and demand response functions.

Energy Storage Solutions for Businesses

The Diadem commercial solar battery storage system offers outstanding flexibility and can be flexibly expanded in increments of 10.24 kWh batteries, with a modular design for greater integration, space saving installation and optimal adaptation to any application!

The batteries for solar panel storage are grounded on a lithium-ion battery system and serve as a complete result for stationary energy storehouses. In addition to the numerous possible operations in the areas of self-demand optimization, peak shaving, support for e-charging stations, and an additive emergency power solution results in the off-grid sector, the commercial battery storage system also offers other highlights. 

Integrating Your Solar Panel System With A Battery Storage Solution